• While there are a number of different roles and positions at PetWow, each commanding its own pay range; as a rule PetWow pays a higher rate for each role than will be found among its competitors within the Pet Care industry. Of course, PetWow demands top quality care and performance from its staff in the service of clientele and their pets. But if you love working with animals and have a good attitude and a strong work ethic, you can expect your pay to reflect your efforts and disposition.

For each position within PetWow there is an established starting range within which we establish a new staff member’s first year pay rate. Exactly where a newly hired staff member falls within that range depends upon their prior experience and the strength of their interview process. Typically, whatever first year pay rate is agreed upon, the first several weeks of employment will be paid at $1.00/hr below the agreed upon rate in order to compensate for training costs as well as motivate the new staff member to strive to pass all training benchmarks (the full rate being implemented only after the new staff member demonstrates proficiency in all essential elements of their new role).