There Are Benefits to Working at PetWow!

  • PetWow is proud to offer a very rich array of benefits to our staff members, all designed to assist our team members by making their lives easier and their working experience at PetWow as rewarding as it can possibly be. Taking care of those who help us take care of others is crucial to our success. PetWow’s current benefit portfolio is as follows:

PetWow will contribute $70.00/month toward the health insurance premium costs of full-time employees after they have worked a minimum of 6 months for the organization. Since different staff members in different stages of life desire widely varying forms of health insurance coverage, PetWow encourages staff members to obtain a personal health insurance plan that best suits their needs. Upon proof that the staff member has an active health insurance plan, PetWow will add $70.00/month to the staff member’s gross pay.